Bulk Handling New Zealand Group Pty Ltd (BHNZ) has released its revolutionary new slim line plastic export pallet for Bulk Bags onto the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The BHNZ Bag Pallet, which has been developed over the past two years is patented internationally and now provides Bulk Bag exporters a viable low cost alternative to export grade wooden and traditional plastic pallets.

The BHNZ Bag Pallet is injection moulded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed with four way entry, is stackable to save space, and fully recyclable.
From an OH&S perspective the new pallet also ticks all the right boxes weighing in at just 4.7kg compared with 15-20 kg for export wood; this despite its three tonne dynamic load rating.

The BHNZ Bag Pallet has been extensively laboratory and field tested. Firstly in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved laboratory in Victoria to determine the design weight load performance for different bulk bag base dimensions; and secondly through extensive fill and logistics trials amongst bulk bag exporting companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Product Information

Product Benefits:
  • Potential cost advantage vs export wooden pallets or standard plastic pallets. 
  • Light weight at 4.7kg reducing potential OH&S issues in handling heavy export wooden pallets. 
  • Stack-ability offers enormous space savings vs traditional pallets 11 BHNZ Bag pallets in 280mm. 
  • Removes wood from site and for food manufacturers reduces the issue of foreign objects. 
  • Increase payload: As each pallet weighs approximately 10-15 kg less than an export wooden pallet a 40 ft container payload can be increased by 300kg and a lower profile height may allow greater efficiencies in the Bulk bag design re payload. 
  • SWL 3 tonne Dynamic load

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