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Bulk Handling New Zealand is the innovative and quality concerned supplier of bulk container liners, used for transporting of dry bulk materials in ISO standard containers.

Product Information

Product Benefits:
  • Container Liners offer a cost effective means of transporting bulk cargo in containers. 
  • A safe and hygienic transport method. 
  • A liner approved for transportation of foodstuffs. 
  • Total cost reduction regarding freight, labour, packaging waste and cleaning cost. 
  • Increased loading capacity – Our customised container liners allows more bulk commodities to be loaded into the container. 
  • Environmental friendly - Our PE Liners are 100% recyclable. 
  • The potential for product loss or damage is greatly reduced when compared to shipping bulk in the hold of vessels. 
  • Container Liners permit a high space utilisation of shipping containers therefore maximizing the return from transport costs per tonne. 
  • Containers can be loaded quickly and dispatched with minimal labour cost. 
  • Easy to install.

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